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\e-'klek-tik\ adj 1 : selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles
2 : composed of elements drawn from various resources   n: one who uses an eclectic method or approach


Bob Gollihur, Gollihur Music
(formerly Wordsmith Associates Music) was my first domain, and it continues to include my personal bass page. My Gollihur Music business pages are now on, and the original Double Bass Links page has moved there as well. which was also mirrored at, which was phased out. You'll find links below that lead to those pages as well as my personal electric and double bass page. It will become readily apparent that what I sell is what I personally enjoy and recommend due to personal experience. You'll find it easy to navigate our newly installed (10/07) software at our Gollihur Music pages. We've also implemented a new free Upright Bass Player ad system, as well as continuing to offer our free classified bass ads.

SPAM NOTICE: I have received bounced messages again (4-20-08), indicating that spammers are again using a variety of phony email addresses with gollihur com as a reply-to address. If you look at the headers, you will see that the messages are spoofed and did not come from my domain. In this case my ten year old email address is being used with some phony name. I HATE SPAM and want to state, in the strongest terms possible, that I have and will never be involved with any such (insert profanities) "marketing" techniques. Of course, these messages have nothing to do with any of the products I sell, just the usual stupid ads for net crap. Rule #1: Never respond to a spam offer. Not only will you potentially lose your money, any encouragement we give these clowns will only help to further their cause. If they didn't get any business as a result, spam would decline! Thanks, Bob

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